Sunday, 23 August 2009

Funny how things change...

There used to be a time when I'd wish the week away and couldn't wait for the weekends. Nowadays I can't wait until this time on Sunday night because I know I'll get a rest tomorrow morning when the kids are all at school and playgroup.

Its been a hard weekend, I think Faith has some kind of bug as she was running a fever on Saturday that I managed to get down with Calpol and she has been really clingy and whingy - which I'm sure all you mums know is soooooooooooooooo exhausting. 

Apart from that I've not much to report today, the weathers pretty dreich in the North East of Scotland today, and I just want my bed :)


Kath said...

oh stay at homers look forward to Monday mornings and when are you coming to officially christen the new cubbyhole with coffee and a fancy piece....hugs kath xxxxxx

Penni said...

Oh you poor thing, poorly kids are the worst. I always feel sorry for mine when they're poorly, but they don't half get on my nerves!!!! That Calpol's magic though and the Children's Nurofen is even better.

Take care.

Max said...

I can sympathise Debbi. Having 'icky kiddlings' is very draining ... emotionally and physically. Sleep well and hope teeny bash is better in the morning.
Wet and horrid here in Fife today too ... and that was just my mood LOL !! ;)


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