Monday, 17 August 2009

Nearly ready

Touch Wood, I think we're all sorted.

Scott's school bag is all packed - just need to throw an apple in it in the morning. His uniform is all hung up ready to put on, even remembered to write his name in everything, from his pencil case to his shirt.

Bought all the last minute things at Asda, new jackets, white socks, shorts and t-shirt for Willow. I also got this cute little cat watch for Willow as she's been showing an interest in learning to tell the time.

Have just scalped Scott - we forgot to take him to the barber today, so I had to take the clippers to him myself and the biggest attachment we could find was a #3, so its pretty short lol He's in the bath now.

Am aiming to get them in bed for the back of 8. Then I'm going to have a bash at making a Clootie Dumpling - am sure the local quines will know what that is - but I bet the rest of you don't, I'll maybe tell you tomorrow lol


Manda said...

MMMMMM dumpling yum yum! John's maw makes a great clootie dumpling.
She brought one down a few weeks ago it was great with breakie lol

Hope it all goes well tomorrow!

Manda xxx

Lora said...

I got all my kids stuff ready and even remember to write their names on everything too! We are both doing good :) I'm dreading tomorrow because I won't get a long lie! lol
How did the Clootie Dumplings turn out?

Lora x

Kay said...

I know what Clootie Dumpling is - my granny used to make them :) Feeling smug in Jacksonville....

FionaJ said...

Hope all went to plan last night for you, I got my two in bed for five past eight so was happy with that.
Never made dumpling it's nae my thing, but Errols mam makes it and they all rave about it.
Good luck with the school run.

Kath said...

wow a clootie dumpling....will be right it cold with a nice bit of cheese....but I'm intrigued...why are you making a "clootie"....big hugs kath xxxxx

Beckie Dreyer said...

Hope the dumpling making went well!
I have to do all this today with school starting tomorrow! Inservice days and all that!
Will skip the making of dumpling though!!

scotspanda said...

ooooh yummmm you've got me craving clootie dumplin now.....and I canny make it to save ma life!! Will have to phone my gran and ask her to make one lol

hope the kids have a great first day at school, Lily went in without a tear today phew!


Amanda xxx

Max said...

Hope all went well this morning and that yer clootie' dumpling turned out ok. Do you need a taster LOL??

Ermmmm ... I may be going blind but can't see the cute watch you bought Willow.

Our schools go back tomorrow morning (Wed)so will be making sure Naomi doesn't leave everything to the last minute and has her packed her bag properly.


clare said...

hope all went well with the little ones back in school...ours got another 3 weeks off yet.
ive not got any uniform
and for the clootie dumpling..havn't a clue..being but i hope it turned out alright for you.
hugs clarex

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