Wednesday, 28 October 2009

I know its not Pepsi Day but...

I just had to tell you that Pepsi has turned into a martian, she's a little green dog!!

I had the gardener round to cut the grass today - haha that sounds so pretentious, and when he knocked at the door to get paid Pepsi decided that she wanted to speak to him too. Pepsi just loves everyone! So I let her out without her lead so she could get plenty of attention and a bit of freedom.

Well, freshly cut, wet grass and puppies whose bellies nearly touch the ground do not mix! And to add to the excitement the kids all thought it would be fun to run around on the grass too. So not only is Pepsi now a lovely shade of green, but she also thinks she's a greyhound and was flat out, tearing round the garden like she was running on Duracells.

You would think, after all that exercise that she'd flake out in her bed - but no, she's now chasing me around the house while I sweep the floors and tidy up ready for Graham coming home tomorrow.  

1 comment:

Gina said...

Awww ellie always gets green feet and belly too :)
hugs Gina xxx

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