Saturday, 3 October 2009


Well I had to go for a lie down after lunchtime yesterday, I got up very briefly before the kids came home, then went back to bed again and that was me until 9pm. So I caught up with my emails and commenting for PfP, watched a film with Graham, then went back to bed again - and yes I DID sleep lol
I got new, much stronger painkillers from the doc this week and I'm not sure if its them that knocked me for six, or if its this bug thats been hanging around.
Anyway, the kids had us up at stupid o'clock this morning, and in between taking Pepsi out every couple of hours I've been beavering away making cards. The only problem is most of them are either for upcoming PfP challenges or upcoming birthdays so I can't show you any of those yet. 
But once I've made some macaroni cheese for tea I might get back to it and bash out a few xmas cards that I can show you.


Love to Doodle! said...

Oooh nooo....missed this Debbi.....hope you feel better

Lil Daffodil said...

Hi Debbi,
I hope you feel better soon. It's horrible when you are in pain all the time and it can be very wearing. Take care of yourself.
Fiona x

Natalie said...

Hope you are feeling better soon Debbi. x

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