Saturday, 24 October 2009

Pepsi Day - 12 and a half weeks

Just a quick Pepsi update and we're a day early because my blog candy is ending tomorrow. 
Pepsi is officially a primadonna! We have had torrential rain and gales this week in the NE of Scotland and little Princess Pepsi DOES NOT like that combination. She refused to go out, so i had to drag her round and round the garden until she did something. But obviously she was just doing a token pee so that i would take her back inside again - needless to say we had quite a few accidents inside.
The rain stopped for a day - well I don't think it was an entire day lol - so she was quite happy to go out again. What is it about the wind that sends kids and puppies a little bit mad??
Anyway, the rain was back with a vengeance today again - but Pepsi has decided that maybe its not so bad after all, especially when there are so many fallen leaves to chase and kill.

It was Graham's birthday yesterday he's XX years old - I don't think I'm allowed to tell you lol. Unfortunately he's offshore and even though I went into the rig operator's offices and hand delivered his cards, he didn't get them and as there's no helicopters until Monday he won't get them until then. And I forgot to take pics of it before I sent it too. 


Gina said...

OMG what a cutie she is and how comfy doe she look, i could just tickle that little belly LOL
Hugs Gina xxx

dawnmarieg said...

Oh my! How comfy does Princess Pepsi look lol. Its been miserable down here too, blowing a gale and raining heavy but hey, what dy'a expect in Scotland eh 90 degree heat (although it would be nice sometimes). Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine said...

I have one just like this, she is a girly girl and does not want to get her paws wet, your is adorable!

enjoy *~*

Kath said...

let it all hang out girl and happy 3 month birthday pepsi....big hugs kath xxxxx

Meahni said...

Look at little Pepsi, she is adorable. I do NOT blame her for not wanting to go outside, would you, lol! I hate bad weather too, it frightens me terribly.
Happy Birthday to the hubby, sorry you can't even wish him in person.

Lil Daffodil said...

Hi Debbi,
I'm really looking forward to seeing this little cutie on Friday. Sarah should be up on Tuesday night late on so I'm going to have a great week.
Fiona x

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