Monday, 1 November 2010

Giggles and Shopping - what more could a girl want?

well where do I start.. well I'm gonna spread out the gossip over a few days, I have a feeling it might take a while and I need to pinch some photo's from some of the other ladies who were there.

Well there was drama right from the get-go, Pepsi decided to escape from the garden and off down the road so I had to go and get her home, drama number 2 was when I got to the train station at Stonehaven, went into my bag to text Anne and let her know I was at the station - argh!! I'd left my mobile charging in the kitchen. So I had to phone Graham, get him out of bed and persuade him to high-tail it down with my phone, which he did in record time. And after all that, the bloody train was nearly half an hour late.

But eventually I got on the train and Anne and I must have sounded like Beavis & Butthead with the odd Woohoo thrown in for good measure. Then we arrived in Glasgow, grabbed a taxi and went straight to the SECC. Here's Anne running off to get to the show...

First stop of course was at the Fiskars stand to see our local celebrity crafter Kath and her Fiskars partner-in-crime Lorraine (can't remember who the other lady in the pic is, sorry)

I'll leave it there for the day and tomorrow I'll tell you all about how we got on, on Saturday afternoon and the bedlam on Saturday night.


kath said...

omg...the witches from eastwick have landed....hugs kath xxx

nnalorac said...

Hi Debbi, think you should of been taking my piccies! Yours so clear. And oh my gaud, wetting myself, your comment is bold girl, had forgot about the slip of the tongue! Loved our bit of fun, sure made the journey fly by. Looking forward to episode 2. Carol.xx

kath said...

sorry forgot to say it's Flowersoft Margaret who is mighty relieved to have got her Birdie Punch...hugs kath xxx

lil-paper-pixie said...

Cmon Deb, tell us what you bought??? I can't wait any longer!!

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