Thursday, 4 November 2010

Giggles & Shopping - Pt 3

I'm having trouble with this post and it's not Mr Bloggers fault, the whole of Scotland, North of England and Northern Ireland all had yet another Broadband outage. I have no idea what BT are playing at, but whatever it is - can you stoppit please.

anyway, getting back to our trip to Glasgow.... Kath, Anne and I had a leisurely breakfast at the hotel before going over to the SECC. And it was time for me to switch off the nerves and go do my wee guest demo for Angela at Angel Crafts  
I've pinched this pic from Carol's blog...
We had a steady flow of people watching me colour-in, Angela was accosting everyone who walked by. Finally met the very famous Beckie Dreyer, and next time we'll definitely have a coffee Beckie :) Thankyou to everyone who came to visit, and a huge thankyou to Angela for having me.
So the rest of the day was for shopping, I couldn't come home without filling my case now could I?

As you've probably seen from Kath and Carol's blogs already, the train journey home was a scream, Carol, Audrey, Kath and Anne are just the best company and so much fun.
 That was all Carol's luggage - honestly, what a shopaholic!! lol

 Audrey and Carol on the train

 Sorry about all the blur, there was quite a bit of hilarity 

I got off the train at Stonehaven, where Graham and the kids were waiting for me - the kids had made a wee poster which they'd stuck on the car window ....

So finally, here's what I bought. It's all still in the case because I've too many other things on my desk at the moment.

So that's our trip over. But watch this space as we might just have something planned...

I'll be back on Saturday with a special tutorial - something I've been asked about many many times.


kath said...

crikey that's some crafty purchases and yes BT were very naughty yesterday but OK today so far...big hugs kath xxx

Beckie Dreyer said...

yep deffo a coffee next time ;) x

Andrea said...

It certainly looks as though you had a fabulous time - I can just imagine the laughter on the train.
And look at those goodies - I want them (stamps feet!! lol)
Love, Andrea xx

nnalorac said...

Those men's faces Debbi, what were you doing!! Love your goodies and hey! cheeky you, my baggage indeed!!! Had a great time with you all, a real tonic! Carol.xx

Jacqui said...

The photos are fab, quite a dishy bloke sitting next to Carol and Audrey - glad you all had a fab time!

Aud said...

Come on Debbi you must have some better photos to put on your blog than us oh my god... Ive been busy makin yummy fudge for Ann today to take with me on sat its a new recipe and its turned out fab. Pity you wont be there to get a sample..mind you after seeing those photos I dont think i'd let you get some ..

Liz, said...

Hiya, looks like you all had a fab time. I got my border punch from Crafts at Home in Blantyre.

Liz x

Anne said...

How did you manage all that shopping ??? Didn't see you do it !!!!!
Great time -- thank you Debbi ---- now where's that special photo ????
Anne xxx
mmmm fudge !!! tasting it already Aude !!

Macpurp said...

sounds like you all had a fab time! hope to see your demo the next time. much love teen xx

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