Wednesday, 20 October 2010

10 sleepies

What a fun day I had yesterday. Thought I was running late for my date at Kath's, but I was the first to arrive. Had a great time with Kath, Lyn and Anne - haven't laughed that much in ages (just glad my pelvic floor was up to the challenge) Had a wee play in the cubbyhole with a couple of impromptu lessons in how to use shapecutters and stamp presses - the stamp press is yet another addition to my ever-growing list for the SECC.
Kath laid on a fabulous lunch for us all - this is Kath's idea of a sandwich....
Doesn't it all look fab? well there wasn't a whole lot of leftovers, believe me! In fact it actually looks like there's nobody else at the table and all those goodies were for me - unfortunately not, Anne very quickly slunk out of her chair when I decided to take the pic.

We also had a wee snowy visitor who came along to sing for us, sorry about the blurry pic but my phone doesn't cope well with action shots....

Well I ended up staying much longer than I planned, but in my defence time passes so quickly in the company of these lovely ladies and of course the most handsome Buddy who I think would be much happier if I let him sit in my lap and be done with it.

After all that I popped over to The Papeterie to meet the lovely Charlotte and discuss my demo this Saturday. I'm really excited - it looks like it'll be a really fun day. 
In preparation I spent the evening stamping up the images I'll be colouring to save a bit of time - and today I'm hoping to get a few coloured and made up into samples to show. So, no rest for the wicked...


kath said...

it was lovely to have your company yesterday and thanks for the yummy cupcakes for pud...see you saturday....hugs kath xxx

Kirsti said...

Sounds like you had a great day Debbi...I will be waiting for my lunch invitation (Kath!!) should maybe try a get together of all the DT team that live close by sometime...x

jenny said...

Looks like a fabulous day Debbi :)
Good luck for your demo day x

Jenny x

Kat said...

Mmm that looks like a yummy lunch. Pity your demo at the Papeterie is this Saturday as my friend and I are going to a crop at Boddam. Mind you if it had been last week I was babysitting in Crieff. Still I'll catch your demo at the SECC.

Kat xx

Anne said...

Good luck with the demos Debbi. Am doing the pelvic floor excersises in readiness for the SECC !!!!!!!! (Pampers and the Krypton factor spring to mind !)
Anne xxx

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