Thursday, 28 October 2010

2 more sleepies

you have no idea how excited I am - just 2 more sleeps and Anne and I will be high as kites on the train to Glasgow. I've managed to work myself up into a complete frenzy, I keep going onto the Crowne Plaza's website and looking at all the pictures and facilities. Then I printed off a list of exhibitors for Anne and I to study on the train. Anne, if you're reading this, be warned - I am totally bouncing off the walls already, I'm going to be a nightmare on the train, I'll be bouncing around like a jumping bean.
My case is on the bed and I've had things in and out of it a dozen times. I'm also packing a wee holdall so that I can take my jammies and toiletries home and leave the entire case empty for stash - mwahahahaha.

Graham of course isn't so thrilled, as it means he has the entire weekend himself with the kids. But I've no doubt that I'll come home to an immaculate house - not sure if he'll miss me, or if the kids will lol, but at least I know Pepsi will miss me.

Thankyou to everyone who sent good wishes for Willow, we've taken the executive decision to try the new consultants treatment for a week - I'll be keeping Willow off school next week because I'm not prepared to risk her having any accidents at school if I can avoid it. The head teacher has been brilliant. So we'll see how it goes next week and then decide whether or not to continue or to revert back to the washouts.

I'm going to be avidly blog-hopping tonight, see if anyone has pics of the first day of the show

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