Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Willow's birthday - Part 1

Edited to add: 
Kirsti, Willow was 6 years old yesterday - and ta very muckle for the support about the no-smoking, I'm still totally amazed I've managed so far, my previous record was about 3 hours lol
Anne - I like your thinking lol and its.....
17 Sleepies til we hit the SECC

Goodness me - yesterday was just bedlam!
this is part 1 of Willow's birthday because part 2 comes on Sunday with her party.

So I was woken to all 3 of the kids bursting into my bedroom with Willow brandishing a pile of cards on one hand and money and a cheque in the other and she announced "look mum, I have tenners!" lol

She made quick work of opening her pressies from us, helped by Faith who just couldn't contain herself. There was much squealing going on and I'm surprised my eardrums are intact.

With her Hello Kitty make-up that she's been asking for for months

 With the huge Hello Kitty cuddle pillow that has also been on the list for months.

 With the Gruffalo (Julia Donaldson is Willow's class's author this year) 
And of course we couldn't forget Princess Pepsi who did a not bad job of hoovering up all the crumbs from the floor :)
So Willow got most of the things she asked for, the rest will no doubt go on the list for Santa soon. A couple of the mums from school and my parents made a fair dent in the cupcake situation but I did manage to hide the Blueberry Cheesecake loaf - so will enjoy a slice of that with a cup of tea after I get the kids off to bed tonight, tonight will probably be the last chance I get to relax as Graham's home tomorrow. It's his birthday coming up soon - does anyone have any suggestions for gifts, what do you get a 50 something man who has just about every gadget known to man and who doesn't like sports or have time for other hobbies?? 


Kirsti said...

First of all Happy Birthday to old is she?...and 2nd of all well done on the 80 days of not smoking and 3rd of all what about just taking him out for a nice meal just the 2 of you!!!..Enjoy what's left of the week...Kirsti xxx

Anne said...

Fab photos Debbi, Willow looks like she had a REALLY FAB TIME !!!
As for Graham --- I'm sure he said something about a big shot and TH dies . oh ! and also a great big extention to the house for you to craft in !!! ---- Only so he'll get peace to watch the footie he he !!
Anne xxxx
How many sleepies ????

Heidi said...

I love your description, just like our house when all those birthdays creep up on you.Good luck for the weekend.

Wrightboysmum said...

Looks like a great start for the celebrations. As for male gift suggestions, if he has an EReader or Kindle then what about ebook vouchers from Waterstones or Amazon. The other thought is a subscription to Stuff magazine which is gadget heaven my DH loves it.

Rufus said...

Wow, just looked at your not smoking counter! CONGRATS!!! That's awesome. Graham's birthday about a set of "gift" tags for a back rub, making his favorite meal, a day free of chores, etc? Thanks for the peak at Willow's birthday. Adorable kids, all!

janette.tay said...

Looks like Willow and all the family had a lovely time, just love how intense she looks opening her presents!

Re pressie for husband, how about a nice dinner and romantic night in a nice hotel without the wee ones, there are some great deals out just now.

Can't wait to see you in the SEC, and Anne of course!

Kat said...

Looks like Willow had a lovely time and still a party to look forward to. Maybe more goodies for Pepsi too!

As for Graham I think Anne's on the right road with her suggestions lol!

Kat xx

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