Thursday, 14 October 2010

16 Sleepies

You'd never actually guess that I was excited about going to the SECC would you ? lol
still got nowt I can show you, but I have been busy.
I re-organised my Promarker tutorial page (see the tabs under the blog header) so that hopefully it's a bit more user friendly. If you click on the pictures it should, in theory, take you to the relevant tutorial. I've also added a page listing all my upcoming classes and demos - this will be updated as regularly as I have anything new to add.

Do many of you use Facebook or Twitter? Letraset have joined both, so here's the links to their Facebook and Twitter pages if you want to follow them and keep up to date with all their latest news. 

Graham got home this afternoon, so hopefully we'll get a relaxing evening catching up on all the programmes I Sky plussed while he was away.

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