Friday, 29 October 2010

Woohoooo 1 more sleepie!

Well, already I'm bouncing off the walls - had a pretty giggly phonecall with Anne last night and it would seem we are both totally gleckit lol I very much doubt if either of us are going to sleep tonight, this is more exciting than Xmas Eve haha
Can't wait to catch up with Kath and Lorraine on the Fiskars stand, Angela at Angel Crafts and everyone else who is going. Just hope everyone who hasn't met me yet doesn't think I'm a headcase cos I'll be so hyper.
In case you were wondering....No, I don't get out much :)

Last night was bedlam here, I thought that the school halloween discos were tonight, but luckily I was chatting to another mum when I went to pick the kids up yesterday and she happened to mention that the disco was actually last night. So it was a mad dash to Asda to pick up a costume, then home for tea and all organised for 6.15pm. Now I was never a fan of buying halloween outfits, when I was a kid we made our outfits - I remember my mum sticking lentils to my face to make "warts" then smothering me in green foundation. But I realise it's not the done thing nowadays.... when Scott was in primary one I made the mistake of sending him off to the school halloween disco in a home-made outfit. Well the teacher at the door said "oh, what are you supposed to be" - so that wasn't a great start. Scott and I had actually spent hours making his costume - covered his black top and trousers with glitter glue webs, filled 3 pairs of black tights to make legs, and strung them with glittery elastic to the sleeves of his top so that 6 of his arms would move when he waved his arms around. We made a mask and everything - there was a "best outfit" competition and I honestly thought that he would get some kind of credit for being home-made. Well no, some kid in a shop-bought power rangers outfit won. So now I don't waste my time, I just nip to asda - buy an outfit for 6 quid - well lets face it, I could never make it for that.

So this is what Willow looked like, all dressed up for her disco last night... she's such a little poser.

 And this is Faith, who is away to nursery this morning dressed the same...

 Right, better go and get organised, lots to do


Auntie Em said...

Your little witch babies are too adorable.
But I agree, the kids who put the work into making their costume don't often get any recognition. Kids want to look like some TV character. But at least you two had the awesome fun of making that costume and sounds like a lot of memories that you will have forever!
Thanks for sharing! :o)

Andrea said...

Oh, your girls look so cute as witches - not sure that's how they want to be described when dressed up like that though LOL!
Have a fabulous time at the show.
Love, Andrea xx

Marie said...

Have fun! You deserve it!

Fiona said...

Hey Debbi...hope you have a great time at the SECC. I bought what I said I was going to and more...smuggled them all into the house before my hubby got home from work..hee hee!!
cool photo..I remember when Holly was wee and she like to dress up as a with...she had an excellent outfit which I got from M & lasted her for about 4 years!!


Mags said...

What adorable piccies! And how INFURIATING to have all your talent and hard work for Scott's outfit ignored. Grr!

Enjoy Glasgow!!

luv, Mags x

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