Sunday 5 July 2020

Arteza Everblend Markers Review Part Three

Additional colours and sets

So, in addition to the 120 set, Arteza also have a 60 set, a 36 grey set, a 36 skin tone set and they also sell individual colours in packs of 4. I found this last offering a little strange, I’m not sure of the thinking behind that. I can see the benefit of it if I were either a retailer or an educator – if I were to do classes then it would be a great idea to be able to buy 4/8/12 or more of each colour, but to the individual artist/crafter it wouldn’t be terribly cost effective.

The Arteza site has a great chat facility so I was able to ask a few questions about the other sets. None of the 60 set are unique colours, so if you buy the 120 set there’s no reason to buy the 60 set, you’d just be duplicating half your markers. Of the 36 grey colours there are only 11 unique colours, personally I didn’t think this warranted the extra expenditure, however of the 36 skin tones, 32 are unique colours so this was definitely work it.

In total there seems to be 162 colours in the Everblend range, but trying to get all of those without unnecessary duplicates is going to prove a little difficult.

  1. I decided to purchase the skin tones,  Because I’d be maximising the number of unique colours I had and  
  2. Skin tones are a pretty integral part of my colouring.

I have to admit to being a little like a kid at Christmas when they arrived and initially thought I’d integrate the colours into my existing colour chart. However once I had sampled all the colours and also realised that there aren’t enough slots in my carry case for them all, I decided to make up a skin tone colour chart as a separate entity, you can download it here. I think it will actually be more helpful to me to keep the skin tones separate – time will tell. I may integrate the brown shades at some point as I use those for lots of other things besides skin, but at the moment I’ll just keep the whole set separate. The 36 packs come in a plastic case with 3 plastic trays of 12 markers, not as practical as the marker case and I may have to invest in an empty case at some point but it’s fine for now. Another side note, that’s another plus, Arteza also sell the empty carry cases both for the thicker markers like Everblend that would also accommodate other brands, but also for the thinner barrelled watercolour markers and pens.

Part 4 to follow/

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