Friday, 25 December 2009

All over for another year

Yup, that's it all over for another year again. It's been complete pandemonium and I'm knackered, but it's been a good day.
The girls were soooooooooooo excited this year, Faith flaked out about 9-ish last night, Willow went at half 11 and Scott was still on the go at half 12, but eventually they all were sleeping and the man in red arrived with 3 huge sacks of parcels.

There were loads of ooooooooohhs, aaaaaaaaaaaahhss and eeeeeeeeeeeeks this morning as wrapping paper was flung in all directions. So the kids are highly delighted with everything they got.

I just bought a 2 kilo turkey crown this year, so didn't have to bung it in the oven until 12 so I got to take my time this morning and enjoy it all for a change.

Mum and dad arrived at 1.30pm, lunch was at 2pm - which they tell me was fabulous, then they washed and dried my dishes for me and left again at 4pm. So the kids have been playing with all their new things all afternoon, they were far too stuffed with xmas dinner and sweeties to want tea which suits me lol

Pepsi has been careering round the house trying to grab as much wrapping paper and gold foil as she can, but we've managed to keep the chocolates and sweets away from her.

So here's some pics from today, opening pressies...... 


Faith & Willow in their new jammies, (thats choccie coins Willow is oohing at)
Think I'll make myself a cup of tea, crack open some chocolates and curl up in front of the box
hope, you all had a super day too, and hope santa got everything you wished for

1 comment:

Marie said...

Such cuties! They look like they are having a blast!
All the best for the coming new year.
Looking forward to see all your great creations.

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