Sunday, 13 December 2009

Pepsi Update - 19 and a half weeks

Pepsi is getting big! I took a couple of pretty pictures of her the other day that I thought I'd share with you.
She's still not a fan of the car, even sitting on my knee it felt like she was clinging on for grim death, so I tried letting her sit in the footwell at my feet, but she just cried.

Her and Ziggy (my 2 yr old ragdoll cross cat) get on like a house on fire, they'll play together for hours at a time - firm friends. And even Kizzy is mellowing out with her. Kizzy is my old lady cat - I owned her mother and have had Kizzy since the day she was born, over 11 years ago

Talking of Kizzy - I know this is a Pepsi update, but hey-ho. She had a wee accident last week, I was driving away from the house and heard a noise under the car - I knew there hadnt been anything on the road and when I looked in the mirror I saw Kizzy running off the road. Well she didn't come home for a day or two and I started thinking I must have really hurt her. But she appeared back on Friday night and I called the vet cos she was limping on one of her back legs. The vet didn't think her leg would be broken if she was still putting weight on it but asked me to take her in on Saturday morning. So she had a look, and checked her all over and it would appear that nothing is broken, but she's torn some ligaments round her knee. So I have liquid painkillers to give her everyday and see how she gets on. But I have to keep her inside. Kizzy is a pretty good patient really and has taken up residence on a faux fur blanket under the xmas tree - that way she gets peace from everyone, and she takes her medicine fine. So we'll just have to wait and see if she starts baring more weight on her leg as it heals - otherwise the vet will have to x-ray her.

Anyway, here's the pics of Princess Pepsi that I promised...


Squirrel x said...

Awh, she's so adorable hun, and I can't get over how much she's grown! Sorry to hear about Kizzy, hope she gets over her knock very soon, poor love. Vince sends purrs and nuzzles. Hugs, Squirrel xx

shellshearer said...

Oh hun I'm so glad Kizzy is doing ok...hope shes bak to her normal self real for Princess Pepsi she is just adorable, and growing so quick...

hugs shell xx

Mar G said...

Aw poor Kizzy :-( Hope she's back to her old self soon...She's a lovely cat!
Princess Pepsi is such a beauty & I SO think she knows it?! Lol x

Lil Daffodil said...

Hi Debbi,
Pepsi is really coming on. She is gorgeous and that face would melt any heart. Sorry to hear about Kizzi and hope she improves quickly.
Fiona x

lil-paper-pixie said...

She is adorable Debbi.....just too cute I love her!! Hope Kizzi is ok.



Rufus said...

Princess Pepsi is a beauty! And a real ham in front of the camera! Hope that poor Kizzy is going to be right as rain soon. Although it sounds like a pretty good gig, really. Nice plush blanket under the Christmas tree, nice liquid medicine so no nasty pills. Lots of attention. All in all a cat could do worse!

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