Saturday, 26 December 2009

My Living Room is like Hamley's

Ugh- I've reserved some storage boxes at Argos - the mess in the living room is driving me nuts! Willow got a load of Littlest Pet Shop stuff and Faith got loads of FisherPrice Little People so there are wee things everywhere and they're driving me loopy.
This is where my xmas spirit gets up and goes, now that the big day has been and gone I just want to get all the decorations down and get back to normal. Hogmanay doesn't hold any pull for me - my kids will be in bed, the telly is crap and I certainly won't be going out anywhere.

God, I sound a right miserable git eh? lol

so, what did everyone get from Santa??

1 comment:

Rainmac said...

I can soooo sympathise with your Hamley's comment!!! Our house is full of Ben 10 and Lego Star Wars toys and it is driving me a bit mad. Need to have a trip to Ikea or somewhere and sort it all out into some nice boxes. I too want to take all the cards down, well all the shop bought ones anyway, I love all the handmade ones so they can stay up longer xxx

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