Monday, 28 December 2009

Telly and ProMarker Class

hasn't the telly this xmas been shocking?? I'm still waiting to watch something decent.
I sky plussed the Royle Family special on xmas day and the Top Gear special last night but apart from that I haven't seen anything worth watching at all.
Even the kids couldn't find anything decent for them to watch - we've seen Madagascar 2 and Meet the Robinsons a few times on the movie channels and other than that they've pretty much watched what they watch the rest of the year - spongebob and playhouse disney.

And new year doesn't look to be any better - I was quite chuffed to see that Still Game is on at Hogmanay, but on reading the blurb it turns out its an old one - where they get stuck in a lift and remember past Hogmanays. Looks like an early night for me then.

Anyway, that's enough moaning for today. I feel a lot better today after taking the xmas tree down yesterday. I've left the rest of the decorations up for now, but the tree was really bugging me. I have a wee tesco delivery coming today (assuming the delivery driver doesn't crash into the side of the house because of the sheet ice. Just need to top up the fridge and freezer to keep us going til 2010.
My God - can you really believe its 10 years since we all celebrated the millenium?? I must be getting old lol Well I will be soon - I'll be 37 on the 27th January, ever closer to 40.

I've also nearly completed my first ever New Year's Resolution (fingers crossed). I'm not in the habit of making New year's Resolutions really because I just have zero will-power. So I made it easy on myself this year and promised myself that I would blog every day of 2009. And I've managed it so far - just got another 3 days to go and I'll have done it woohoo.

oh gosh, I nearly forgot....
for all you local-ish ladies, if you are interested in using ProMarkers then I'm doing a class at Simply Create on Saturday the 16th January. It's a technique based class and there are limited places, so if you're interested then email Jacqui to book your place asap. Don't worry if you don't have any or many ProMarkers, I'll be aiming the class at having limited colours plus Jacqui stocks ProMarkers so you can use your xmas money - I know its burning a hole in your pockets lol


Debs said...

I totally agree, usually I am watching one side and recording the other, but this year can't find anything I want to watch. Thank goodness for DVDs. I am taking my decorations down in stages so it doesn't look to bare all at once. All the cards are down and the decorations in the dining room. The tree tomorrow and the rest on Wednesday. Well done on your resolution. Best wishes Debs x

Kath said...

agree about the telly...what a load of crap....but you will split your sides at the Top Gear was hilarious....and there is a seat booked at Jacqui's for my bum to rest on...looking forward to it....big hugs kath xxxxx

Squirrel x said...

The Top Gear Special has to have been the highlight of Christmas - it was brilliant! Hugs, Squirrel xx

The Crafty Den said...

Hi Debbi, well done on blogging every day of 2009, apart from hols and a poorly computer I think I've done quite well too :) I bet your promarker class will be roaring success - wish I lived closer lol! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Best wishes for an amazing 2010. Hugs, Denise x

Kat said...

Know what you mean about the telly. Thought we were all going to die laughing at the Royle Family. My son was nearly a hospital case! Luckily we had a trip to Crieff to my daughter's on Boxing day. Had a lovely meal with them and played Cluedo later. So long since we played Cluedo we had to read the rules but Catriona still won.

All the best for 2010.

Kat x

jenny said...

Hi Debbi!
Well done on blogging every day! that's quite a feat!!
Hey 37's not old!! I am going to be 37 on the 27th of Jan. too :0)
I will have to send you a card since we share the same b-day!

Jenny xx

Margaret, said...

Agree with you on the tv so have been busy blogging or card making with my new pro markers present from me to me much to sirs dismay , why you doing that on Xmas day , have read all your posts Debbie lovely photos ,
Happy new year to you

Meahni said...

Hi Debbi,
I got your Christmas card yesterday! It's gorgeous, thank you so much. It was so nice amongst all the boring post I usually get.
Well done with the blogging, I will definitely not be that brave, I'll never get to blog every day.

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