Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Xmas - ugh

I am so not getting into the spirit of this xmas at all!!
am so far behind with cards, presents, shopping yadda yadda
Had a quick trip to Makro today and picked up a new inflatable santa for the garden.
The kids had their xmas dinner at school today which was apparently quite good. Willow and Scott have their class parties next week and Faith has her playgroup party next Friday and then that's them broken up for the xmas holidays. I have to go get grapes for Willow's party, sausage rolls and a block of cheese for Scott's party and for Faith's party I have to wrap a present for santa to give to her - I find that really strange, when Willow and Scott went to other playgroups the playgroup bought the kids presents.
Anyway, back to the grind - need to wrap presents, write out xmas cards - bah humbug!! 


dawnmarieg said...

Hi Debs, aww try not to worry too much, things always get done eventually and you can't be all things to all people. I've still got 5 cards to make and a birthday card too. Try not to be too hard on yourself. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

Lil Daffodil said...

Hi Debbi,
Never mind just a couple of weeks and it will all be over. I am full of good intentions every year but still end up rushing at the end. Hope the kids enjoy their parties.
Fiona x

Vicky (Angeldrummer) said...

I am exactly the same - have so many commission cards that my own will be shop brought how crazy is that!
Must admit elc on line had most of my christmas present spending as it was free delievery and 20% off most items!
hugs xxx

Ruthie said...

I have a solution - dont send cards! I never do (strange being as I make cards!) and no one ever worries that they havent had one! I am pretty certain that no one really knows who has sent one and who hasnt. I can say that it just takes so much hassle away!
Find out what is giving you the most stress - and either do it now (if you have to) or dont do it at all!!!!
And dont be too tough on yourself! With three little ones you are lucky to just keep your head above water!


coldwaters2 said...

Hi Debbi you are not the only one way behind lol, I have got to the point where I have just given up I think Christmas can come and go but it is different when the kids are smaller they make the season.

Lorraine x

Mar G said...

Och I'm always at the coos tail with everything not just Christmas (Well you know that don't you?!) We still have a fair bit of shopping to do too & then all the wrapping :-/ We only found & managed to buy cards that will print easy on Friday & Bobby has been working so much we've not had a chance to do anything with them yet...Its going to be a busy weekend for us...Eeeek
I think the playgroup Santa must be feeling the pinch too this year eh...?!
Chin up bud x

Kat said...

Know what you mean Debbi. Glad my kids are well grown up now. Don't know if you know it but I work in my local sub postoffice. Or Hell as we call it at this time of year. You wouldn't believe how busy we are at this time of year for such a small PO!! I refuse to wear Santa hats etc like the girls in the shop. Funny thing is there are black and white Santa hats hanging up next to the PO that say "Bah Humbug". I am so tempted lol!

Kat xx

Squirrel x said...

Oh, Debbi, hun - have a big, comforting, furry, squirrel hug! I know exactly where you are coming from - I love Christmas but all the hassle and consumerism and stress really spoils it. I was on the verge of throwing a fit in the supermarket last night at a couple arguing and dithering by the fridges over "what cheese Auntie Nelly prefers". Who cares, she gets what she gets!
Yours, in my own little panic, Squirrel xxxx

Marianne said...

I'm sure you'll get there, we always do. Thanks for all your lovely comments. I'm sending you some Christmas spirit with hugs. Marianne x

Mar G said...

Have left you a wee something on my blog...! x

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