Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The Mini Photo Studio

A few of you were asking about the mini photo studio I mentioned yesterday that my Graham bought for my xmas, so I tried it out today and took a couple of pics to show you. I don't know where Graham bought mine from, but I will ask him. But I do know that the likes of Amazon have them at very reasonable prices.

The whole thing folds down into a satchel type carry bag for easy portability, and the pockets on the front house the tripod and a couple of floodlights (I only took one out for the pics) It comes with 4 backgrounds - red, blue, black and white. And the white sides and top diffuse the light to stop glare.

 I've taken pics of the two cards I made yesterday and they seem to have come out pretty well. I didn't use the lamps, just the overhead flourescent light in the kitchen and natural daylight (haha) from the kitchen window.

Well, I'd better get on, I'm halfway through preparing tomorrow's post. I've pinched a fab idea from Kath - the other day she posted pics of her favourite cards from every month of 2009 and I though it was a super idea. I'd also love to see you all doing the same - its actually quite interesting to look back over the last years photo's and see how things have changed.


Liz said...

Thanks Debbi, that was very interesting. I have a small tripod and I have a similar tent thingy, which you can put a front on hence can take pics without reflection as there is a slit in the front for the lens to poke through. I also have the coloured backgrounds, but what I dont have is the little lights, I will be very interested to know how you get on with them as it is the lighting issue I have problems with. What type/size of lamps are they?

kaz_za's crafty corner said...

cheers for lettin us all see.... i am off 2 check out your pics off yesterday 2 see how much difference it makes...

Kath said...

may just have to invest...oh dear the crafty budget is taking a big knock recently and look forward to seeing your 2009 cards....big hugs kath xxxx

Cazzy said...

OOO I want one of those!

Cazzy x

Penni said...

These really are fab - I got mine from Maplins. Tesco Direct also sell them, but they have been out of stock for ages.


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