Friday, 4 December 2009

Unclaimed Candy

Unfortunately one of my ProMarker Candy prizes hasn't been claimed - the deadline was 12 noon today. So I have used to pick another winner of the 4th prize of 12 promarkers and that is.....

Carol Jenks

 If this is still unclaimed by 12 noon on Monday it will be redrawn again.

So, moving on - I've had a hellish day so far. The alarm went off at 7am and I thought I'd hit the snooze button and get another 9 minutes in bed, but oh no.... Graham came home yesterday and didn't lock the kitchen door before he came to bed, so Willow had got up - got Pepsi and decided to take her through to our room!!
So I did what I usually do, threw on some clothes, went to the kitchen to switch on my laptop and the kettle, put on Pepsi's lead and took her out.
I hadn't even poured my cup of tea and Faith was up, and her and Willow instantly started arguing and fighting, and continued to escalate through breakfast and getting them dressed. Then halfway through getting Faith dressed, Pepsi decided to throw up over the settee and the floor right beside me - argh!!!
So, got them all sorted out, in the car - dropped Scott and Willow at school - drove round to the playgroup and waited in the car til it opened. One of the other school mums came over for a chat and Faith got herself out of her carseat and started turning the volume of the stereo up as far as it would go, turning on the heater and the hazard lights, the indicators etc - well, you get the picture.
By this time it was opening time at playgroup, and she decided she didn't want to go. So I had to carry her, kicking and screaming - which made me late for Scott's review meeting at school at 9.30am
Thankfully though that went well and we are all singing from the same hymn sheet. He needs more assistance with his organisational skills but he's more or less happy and coming on well with all the other stuff he struggles with. I really can't praise the staff at Scott's school enough - they are very accommodating and very supportive of kids with additional needs and the head teacher is an absolute star, she really puts me at ease.
So after that it was back home, take Pepsi out again and got stuck into sorting out what xmas presents I have bought. So its all now on Excel and I have a better idea now of what I still have to get.
The xmas cards are another story and I'm in complete denial. Extended family ones are going to be easy enough as we got photographs taken of the 3 kids together, so I just need to crop and assemble them which shouldn't take long. And I have an order for 3 personalised ones to do.

So Santa, can I please ask for an early xmas present - can we get more hours in the day please? 24 just isn't enough!!

But I'm really looking forward to tomorrow, Judy is doing a Winter Sing Song/Gorjuss class at Simply Create tomorrow afternoon and I have a place. Can't wait to see what we're doing - Judy is a class act.


☼ Cheryl* said...

Congratulations, Carol :)!

What a hectic morning. You handled it better than I would of, I would of been sooo stressed!
Thats great about the school being so good!

I bought christmas cards last year so i'm being lazy and using most of them because they are so nice looking. Next year though, I will be making my own and hopefully I will be a lot more better at it.
If we had extra hours, I'm sure i'd use them to sleep!!! lol

Tracy said...

Hope you enjoy yourself tomorrow, your day sounds very much like all mine everyday. Only I have two dogs and if one is sick the other tries to eat it YUK!!!! so you have to clean up very quick. My kids fight constantly, all three of them , so I know you'll be looking forward to tomorrow! Do enjoy.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

pinky said...

Crikey have you any hair left, what a day woman!!! But at least its behind you lol.

Marie said...

Hope your day has settled down a little by now. I know exactly how you feel. :)

Kym's Crafty Cards said...

Debbi, what a busy day. Glad things went well at your son's school though. It is always a worry. Unclaimed candy - how could someone not claim Promarkers??? Have a good week-end. Best wishes, Kym xxx

Kellylouj said...

Well done carol!!

Judy's Crafty Moments said...

I'm sorry your day started rubbish today! Mine did yesterday so I am with you 100%. I was pooped by 9:30 with tantruming 3 year olds and didn't enjoy all the stares at the school gate! Anyway, I am looking forward to tomorrow...just going to go and get my kit all ready! See ya later Judy xx

Cazzy said...

What a day for you (or are they all like that)!
Me too, I want extra hours. I did find some cards from last year, not my best as they are made from toppers mainly but they might get me out of a hole!

Cazzy x

Aunty Sue said...

oh debbie i am with you on the more hours and gosh hope tommorrow is a much calmer day for you.

Caroljenks said...

Yeh Debbi it's me!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe my luck - WOW!!!!!

Thank you so much - shame the prize wasn't claimed first time around...not that I mind - of course ;)

Will find the link to e-mail you now :)

Thanks so much :)

Carol x

Rainmac said...

Bless you, sounds like a morning in my house!!!

kaz_za's crafty corner said...

omg what a day...!!! i bet you where ever so glad when that day come to a sounds as hectic as my house...!!! lol
ps if no one wants them pens i will have

Cazzy said...

I was hoping you wouldn't turn up Carol Jenks!


Cazzy x

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