Saturday, 12 December 2009

Happy Birthday Mum

It's my mum's 59th birthday today - no bus-pass til next year, so we went out with her birthday pressies. She wanted crafty stuff and she likes to make quick cards so i got her a couple of Forever Friends gift sets.

My dad is looking a bit better than he has been, although he has quite obviously lost some weight. He had a heart attack a couple of weeks ago and needs an endoscopy this week and a by-pass after the new year. I think he's also struggling with the taking it easy part - my dad has always been pretty active - he had a physical job before he retired - he was head forester, and being the boss he's not very good at asking for help or admitting his limitations.

Back tomorrow with a Pepsi update.

1 comment:

Mar G said...

Hope your Mum liked her crafty birthday pressies?
Pleased your Dad is looking a bit better...Hopefully the endoscopy will shed more light as to whats going on inside ;-) Oh I know exactly how he feels with both the taking it easy & asking for help...Some folk would call it being stubborn but its about self preservation & trying to stay active!
Will phone you during the week for a catch up x

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