Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Birthday pressies

well, I'm spoiled!!

Graham's offshore at the moment, so he sent me a beautiful basket of flowers, complete with Happy Birthday balloon and Thorntons chocolates - thankyou babes, I love you too! Plus he has told me I can take off for a weekend to go crafty shopping and has included some cash to spend.

My mum and dad gave me a crystal perfume bottle and some money (woohoo, more crafty money). My mum even made me a card - will try to take a pic later.

My chum Rachel and her gorgeous kids; Ana, Emily and Aidan in Ibiza sent over a gorgeous deep jade green chenille scarf - I'll need to buy a posh coat now to go with it lol

My BFF Pamela gave me some ace slippers, a book " Grumpy Old Couples" - think she may be trying to tell me something, some thorntons choccies (which are almost finished already - blame the kids, not me), and a Forever Friends mug. Pamela had forgotten how much I hate FF, but I actually find it quite amusing and ironic - and I love my mug.

Willow asked me to take some pics (shocking photography!) of her and Ziggy tonight - think she need to be a little less enthusiastic with her cuddles though - I have no idea why Ziggy puts up with the kids, and why he doesn't scratch them to ribbons...


Mar G said...

Happy Birthday wee bud :)
Glad you've been spoiled & that you got lovely gifts. Graham's flowers are beautiful & I love the balloon!
Sorry my parcel & card are late....Wouldn't be me if they were on time though eh? Lol
Great pics of Willow & Ziggy :)
Lots of love - Mar xoxox

carlzcardz said...

Aww lovely flowers hunni, what else did you get? xxx

carlzcardz said...

im having a blonde moment! there! ive already read what you got lol! sounds like you've had a wonderful day and been spoiled rotten!! happy birthday too youuuuu hehe xxx

Kath said...

Happy Birthday Debbi and a big bloggy birthday hug from me

Macpurp said...

Happy Birthday. beautiful flowers and lovely gifts!
I am not keen on FF bears much either!
what gorgeous pictures of Willow and Ziggy.
love tina x

MaryNSC said...

O the Flowers are so PRETTY!! LOVE THE KITTIE TOO>:O)
I kept hearing this noise and I am LIKE what IN the world is that Noise..HAHAHHAHAA
Its that Dolphin in the counter.. O that is SO FUNNY!!

Lorraine Robertson said...

Gorgeous flowers & very cute pictures...

Lorraine xxx

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