Sunday, 25 January 2009

Tidy tidy tidy

I've just spent the last 2 hours gutting the room that Willow and Scott share - you couldn't even see the floor before I started. But its done now, and woe betide him if he lets it get in that state again. Scott's away at his dad's for the day. He goes to his dad for 1 day ever month - am saying no more about it cos I just end up sounding all bitter and twisted lol.

I'm taking a break for 5 minutes before I make a start on Faith's room, although I gutted it once yesterday already. I just don't know how 2 girls, who look like butter wouldn't melt, can cause such devastation. Well, that makes me one up on Iraq - I have 2 weapons of mass destruction :)

So while I'm doing that I also need to do about 4 loads of washing again, I have no idea where it all comes from - but the washing pile grew quite a bit after I found various items of clothing of Scott's shoved into spaces and under beds etc because he's too damned lazy to walk along the hall and put them in the laundry bin.

My birthday is on Tuesday, so to celebrate I think I'll do my first blog candy, if and when I get the time to organise something - watch this space.

Graham has told me that he'll give me some money and I can go away for a weekend to visit my good friend Mar, and go crafty shopping. I'm hoping he's actually serious, I am badly in need of some time away from the kids. I know that sounds pretty awful, but hey-ho. And I know this sounds pretty awful too, but I hope the kids are not angelic while he has them. I think I'd end up in the loony bin if he had a great weekend while I was away and they all behaved themselves.

Anyway, thats my 5 minutes up, so better get back to it. Hope the rest of you are having a day of rest ;)


Macpurp said...

tidying up seems to take so long to clear up but so little time to make the mess!

Happy Birthday for Tuesday.
Time away and craft shopping sounds blissful!

love tina x

dawnmarieg said...

Lol, and I think its bad enough cleaning up after a man and an oap cat!! Hope you get your time away for your birthday, everyone needs a little 'me' time. Have a great birthday. DawnM.x

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