Saturday, 17 January 2009

Busy Busy

well I've had a really busy day today, the kids were all up at stupoid o'clock this morning, bawling, shouting and generally rampaging round the house. Willow had to go to a birthday party at Rambo's for 10.50am and as expected I was running a wee tad late - honestly, who has a kids party in the morning, Deby (Joss's mummy) you should be shot! 

Anyway, I got out of the town, heading along the new road which has a 40mph limit. I got about half way along and noticed the speed coppers in my rear view mirror, glanced at my speedo and realised I was doing a wee bit faster than 40mph - oh poop!!!

Long story short, I got away with a warning after being suitably apologetic.

So I arrived at the party and apologised to Deby and told her why we were late. So Deby waited til I was talking to the other mums, and she kept sneaking up behind them and saying "dinna speak to her...... she's a criminal!" lol

The kiddies all seemed to have a great time, so after I ran Willow home, had a quick cup of tea then off out again for a wee run up to the Blue Toon (Peterhead) as Recollections is closing down and I wanted to see if I could grab some bargains. I also met up with the lovely Dawn - its really nice to meet up with people you've "met" through blogging, albeit in this case very briefly. Dawn, it was really nice to meet you in the flesh, maybe next time I manage to get up to the Blue Toon we can grab a coffee.

So I managed to grab a few bits and bobs, as well as some of the few things that weren't in the sale - typical! But I did manage to lay my hands on the x-cut pokey tool. Some of you may know that I ordered this from Arty Miss back in September, and I'm still waiting for it. Needless to say I won't be shopping there again! I can now tell them to forget it - seeing as they have ignored half the emails I have sent them anyway, and they can just refund me.


Macpurp said...

slow down!!! lol
luckily you just got a warning!
glad you got to meet up with Dawn and got a few bargins including the pokey tool.

love Tina x

Mar G said...

Busy Busy Deb.....See we race about trying to get SO many things done that we end up getting stopped & ticked off for speeding! (Lol)
Lucky though you got off with a warning ;)
Glad to read you met Dawn in the Blue Toon! x

Dawn said...

Hiya Debbie
It was good to see ya!
I no longer have anything to do with Artymiss their P&P charges are shocking and as you say they never reply to E-mails - I unsubscribed from them and THAT took about a month,,,,


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