Saturday, 31 January 2009

Blog Candy Roundup

Heather has put up some gorgeous candy including Magnolia stamps and cuttlebug embossing folders to celebrate her birthday. So Happy Birthday to a fellow Aquarian.


Meahni said...

Hi Debbi, thanks for the comments on my blog. It was so cool to see them!

You were interested in the baby oil and also asked if I had any tips. To be quite honest, I have just started using it with my Lyra's, have only done 2 cards with it, but I really do love it. I basically colour with the pencil and then blend with a paper stump dipped in baby oil. To clean the paper stump I rub it on some sand paper, I find that works really well and also keeps the point nice and sharp. If I think of anything I could share as I use this technique more I'll definitely let you know.
Keep well

Meahni said...

Hi Debbi

Thanks for your comments on my blog, it was great to see them.

You asked me if I had any tips working with the baby oil and Lyra pencils. To be honest I only just started using the pencils, I used to use Tombows, probably will still depending on what I want, but right now I am in love with my Lyras. I also have sansador, and know some people use gamsol. I somehow prefer the baby oil, don't ask me why. Maybe cause it smells nice :-)
I pretty much colour with the pencil then blend it with a paper stump dipped in baby oil. I use sandpaper to clean and sharpen my paper stump. If I pick up anything I can share as I use this technique more I will definitely let you know.

Best regards

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