Saturday, 31 January 2009

The Last Day

of January - can you believe thats us a whole month into 2009 already, and I've managed to blog at least once a day every day this year. Right enough, its been a load of waffle but hey-ho.

I finally managed to get my tax return filed - bit of a panic on when I couldn't remember my user ID and had to retrieve it - but its done now phew! If you haven't already sent in your self-assessment tax return, remember today is the deadline or they fine you!

Willow's bowel washout didn't go well last night - Friday's seem to be jinxed. The water bag exploded last week, leaving me soaked to the skin, and this week the tubes malfunctioned and started leaking air so that it wasn't pumping any water into her. I only managed to get 100ml into her. So I told the lady who comes to help, not to bother coming on Monday as I won't get replacement tubes til at least Tuesday. 

Last night I finished reading the last of the Twilight books - Breaking Dawn. I'm a bit gutted now that its over though. But I really need to see the film. And I can now make a start on all the other books I got for xmas, lets see if Patricia Cornwell's latest Scarpetta novel is better than the last few.


Mar G said...

Oh the last day of January already....It'll nearly be time to start making Christmas cards?! (Lol)
Not so good about Willow's washout kit. Do you think its a faulty batch?
I take it you enjoyed the Twilight books then?! ;-)
I'm still reading 'Cold Granite' can't seem to keep my eyes open at night just now!
Feeling wee bit better today but....NO major improvements - Catch up later x

Macpurp said...

what a mixed day,
bowel washouts,
and vampires!!!

I still haven't started my twilight book yet!

love teen x

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