Sunday, 20 December 2009

Pepsi Update - 20 and a half weeks

Gosh, that's been a quick week!
Well we've had our first snow this winter, about 3 inches fell and is lying. Its gone all cruchy with the drop in temperature last night.

But Pepsi loves it!!
I wasn't sure how she would take to the snow. I know the cavalier my mum had when I was a teenager was none too impressed with the white stuff. But Pepsi has great fun in the snow, she loves it more than the kids do. She careers round the garden at about 100mph, then does her snowplow impression with her nose.
I didn't manage to catch her tearing round the garden with the camera, but I did manage to capture this wee clip of her. Sorry about the sound, it was pretty windy yesterday afternoon.

Thank you for all the good wishes you sent for Kizzy, she's definitely on the mend now - she's not limping nearly as badly. Unfortunately though Faith decided she wanted a dose of Kizzy's medication, and the sneaky little madam managed to swipe the syringe of medicine while I was trying to grab the cat. But a call to NHS24 confirmed that it was a tiny dose, and it wouldn't be toxic. Thank goodness - I really need eyes in the back of my head with Faith around


Lil Daffodil said...

Hi Debbi,
Pepsi looks as though she is really having fun. Wait till she's a bit older and has long feathering on her belly and legs. Our Amy comes in frm the snow with great big snowballs caught in her feathering. A nightmare to get rid off.
Fiona x

dawnmarieg said...

Aww Pepsi looks so excited, its like 'ooh whats this stuff?? its cold but tastes nice'. Thinks you need to get her a wee hoody or coat and some wellies though as she kept lifting her paws up lol. Trust Fayfee to take the dogs medicine, you must've been worried sick Debs. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

Cazzy said...

So cute! We don't have snow yet but one of ours loved it last year and had a snow beard.

Cazzy x

Gina said...

super cute :) xxx

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