Thursday, 28 April 2011

Me and My (phone) Camera

For those of you who don't already follow Krista Smith's blog, Krista does something on a Wednesday where she shares pics of things that appeal to her, and this week she has used pictures that she has taken herself. Now I know I'm a day late and today she'll be posting her Awkward and Awsome post - you need to check that out too!! but I thought I'd share some pics I uploaded from my phone last night that I like...

It's probably best if you just don't ask about that one ?!?!?!?

The sunset a week ago

 cherry trees on the way over Anderson Drive in Aberdeen

 Stonehaven Bay

The fabulous Art Deco outdoor olympic sized heated seawater swimming pool at Stonehaven
 will be back tomorrow with some crafty stuff to show you - but it's far too nice a day to be inside today :)


Auntie Em said...

Well, the SBSP gave me a good chuckle...and I won't ask anything more about that one! The scenery pics are gorgeous, love the cherry trees and the water is so beautiful.
BUT I want to go swimming in that heated sea water swimming pool!!!! How awesome is that!!!
Thanks for sharing! :)

saturated canary said... your sponge bob on the potty:)!!...we are big sponge bob fans here, so have to show that one to philly!!

great pics...i always like to see other people's pics...little peek into your daily's very fun!

thanks for sharing!...don't you just love all the cherry trees, too!? i wish we had one in our yard!


Paula said...

The first made me laugh & the sea looks wonderful - if cold - good job you've the heated water to swim in. Love the Art Deco architecture.
Hope you've enjoyed the sunshine.
Paula (PEP)

Suze Bain said...

Fab photos Debbie, and places I recognise (apart from your bathroom that is - and I won't ask!) x

Shazza said...

great pics, love Spongebob

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