Friday, 22 April 2011

Topsy Turvy

Well I just don't know whether I'm coming or going.... I consider myself to be a reasonably intelligent woman but I had a serious senior moment today, get yourself comfy and I'll explain...
It's been a wee while since I joined in with the weekly challenge on the Sugar Nellie Facebook group, and this week the challenge is spots and dots. Well seeing as I treated myself to set 6 of the Simply Sassy's I thought I'd have a go. So I coloured my image, matted it onto some cardstock, then did all the matting and layering on the card base - went to pick up the image to stick on my card, BUT WAIT... it's disappeared?!?!?
It took me 2 days of looking to realise that the image was inded right in front of me - it was just face down so the coloured cardstock was facing up. Honestly - I had to have a serious chat with myself!!
And the worst of it is, after all that carry-on I've decided I don't even like it. I thought it was because I've just used coloured cardstock and no patterned papers, then I thought that I don't like how I've coloured the image, but I'm just not sure what it is - i just don't like it.
If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve it then I'm willing to hear them, because otherwise it's going to land in the bin.

Image: Witches Cauldron from Sugar Nellie, coloured with promarkers.
core'dination cardstock embossed with Swiss Dots and Clockworks cuttlebug embossing folders
MS Spiders Web deep edge punch, ribbon and charm from stash

In complete contrast to my lack of brains the other day, I was out with some of the other mums from school at the local pub quiz last night and we won!! Absolutely chuffed to bits.
Willow lost her first baby tooth on Tuesday, it's been wobbly for months so at last the tooth fairy has been and Willow can't wait to go shopping with the money she got.
We've been missing out on all the good weather this week - the down side of living right on the coast, we get fog sometimes when the weather is fine and sometimes it just doesn't burn off. But today we were extra lucky and it's been beautiful all day. Graham managed to cut the grass for the first time this year and I thought he was going to have a stroke trying to push the mower through it. We have a marathon job still to do, getting rid of all the weeds and because my hip has deteriorated so much lately I'm not going to manage very much :(
Anyway, here are some summery pics from today.... Scott being studious (had to take a pic cos it doesn't happen very often)
 The pond and far end of the garden
 Happy smiley Princess Pot Belly Pepsi
 Happy Smiley mucky face Faith
 Willow's winning lol - those white socks landed in the bin!
 Here comes the coo's tail...
 Scott trying to smile?!?
so am off to watch funny friday on Sky 1, and hope we get some more bonny weather over the weekend


PeeJay said...

Well, I can't see anything wrong with your card but if you're going to bin it I'll happily be the bin - lol! Lovely photos of your family. Beautiful children you have.
I live right on the coast as well but at other end of country to you however I know all about sea mists. Fortunately we've not had any for a while :0)

Fiona said...

fab photos Debz...and an awesome card!!


SooziQ said...

I love her! Not sure that the card needs any improving at all...... But, perhaps a co-ordinating flower or 3 would jaz/feminise it up a bit? Love the colouring of her.

saturated canary said...

Your family is so beautiful:)...loved the video, too!!

i have no suggestions for your card-- as i think it is already totally amazing!:)...i LOVE her green...and the way her hair reflects the color is really wonderful...maybe the whole thing just gave you so much trouble, you are simply over it:)...

i'd be thrilled to color her so beautifully...and make a card as pretty and fun to look at as this one!

much love, krista:):)

Kat said...

Love your pics Debbi. I know what you mean about the weather, we've been the same. Foggy till today.

Can't help about your card, looks fine to me but I think sometimes we just don't like a card even though everyone else likes it.

Got my cheque off to Kath today. Can't wait for the workshops at the Papeterie!!

Kat xx

Suze Bain said...

Oh Debbi, what a laugh! Doesn't it drive you nuts when you do something like that. Your sassy witch is coloured beautifully - don't you dare throw it in the bin. Great family photos - Ems says your garden is 'awesome'. Have a great weekend. Suze x

Sarah (UKS Smelly) said...

Beautiful card debs, looks ok to me. I'd be lost without my PP though as well.

Can your OH come and do my grass now, lol

Paula said...

I can't put my finger on anything apart from the green face & fingers....... but then they sort of grow on you. Perhaps leave it for a while then take another look.
Glad you had some sunny weather & do take care of that hip - we also have rather a large expanse of grass - at an upward incline!
Paula (PEP)

Anne said...

No binning of your card Debz --- suggestion for improvement ---- send it to ME !!!!!!
Absolutely fab photos --- looks like a great day was had by all !!!Hope the toothfairy did her job Willow .
Hope to see you soon,Debz.
Anne xxx

kath said...

love those gorgeous family photos and love the card too...although you know me I have a prob with those big eyes and a word of advice from a senior are spending too much time with the biggest numpties in the crafty world...oops sorry Anne...hugs kath xxx

Victoria said...

ok been thinking on this, change the backing paper to white and then, purple border and then onto the card stock, as the purples merge too much x

Aud said...

Loely card Debz, those colours are so vibrant really bonny. Your kids llok like their having fun fine to see everyone in summery clothes as well here's hoping for loads more sunny days ahead. Audx

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Oh that's made me smile. I love the card, very different and bold. The only thing I would change would be the green skin but then green isn't my fave colour. Great pics of fun in the garden, thanks for sharing. As for going shopping with money from the tooth fairy. The going rate must me a lot more than I ever got (mind you that was a very long time ago, lol) Happy Easter, hope the sun keeps shining. Marianne x

kath said...

oops forgot to say well done on winning the pub quiz..obviously not much alcohol was consumed then...hugs kath xxx

Elaine said...

Well I love it feel free to send it my way. And I think the green coloured skin and hair is fabulous!

As for your children, they so make me laugh (in a nice good way) I've watched some of Grahams youtubes and they are really cute and funny kids and must make you both so proud.

Hugs Elaine xx

Pops x said...

Hi sweetie, wow the colours are stunning, gorgeous details as always big hugs love pops x

Hanna said...

Debbie, this card is OUTSTANDING! I really can't see why you don't like it. I think it's brilliant! I love how you haven't used any designpapers, and how you've embossed your cardstock, it gives the card an awesome texture, that I more than love.
Stunningly coloured image too, looks so cool!!! Such a masterpiece! WOW!


ribenaruby said...

Lovely pics! Great card with gorgeously coloured image and super embossing. Ruby x

Erika said...

Debbi I love your card, don't think I'd be brave enough to colour in the green and love the dots behind the stamp. Great pics in your looks as if it goes on for miles!
Happy Easter, Erika.

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