Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Daylight Company

I'm sure you've seen on some other blogs, reviews of craft lamps. I've also been asked to review a lamp from The Daylight Company, so I hope you find it interesting.

I was asked to chose a lamp to review on my blog and unfortunately the one I chose had been spectacularly popular and had sold out, so instead they offered to send me the LED MicroMax Light and the Twist portable lamp

So I'm going to tell you about the LED MicroMax Light first because it's a very portable, handy addition for any crafter. I took this wee light with me when I stayed in Glasgow to demo at the SECC in October and I can honestly say it was just perfect. It has a couple of nifty features that I really liked, you can either place it on the desk or worksurface using the detachable cradle which has 4 wee feet that swivel out for stability, or you can take the black cradle off and clip the unit to your worksurface or to whatever is handy - this is terrific for when space is at a premium, or if I was drawing or colouring at an easel for example. The light itself consists of 4 Daylight LEDs on one of it's bendy poseable arms and a magnifier on the other bendy arm - so you can position the light and magnifier exactly where you need them. It also has 2 power settings so that you can extend the battery life, full power gives you 12 hours of light and half power gives you 24 hours of light. This is an ideal light if you travel, or for taking to crops and craft classes, it's small enough to slip into an overnight bag or craft tote and only needs 3xAAA batteries.
Here are some pics of me using it to colour some images while I was at the hotel the night before the SECC demos...

So next up, is the Twist Portable Lamp. I wanted this type of lamp for a reason - being that I wanted a decent sized lamp that I could take on holiday when we go on caravan holidays. Unfortunately we haven't been on holiday since I got the lamp, but I decided to use it to replace my existing lamp...
So here's the science bit....
It has an Easy-Twist 320° head-joint, you can rotate the shade and direct the light exactly where you want. It is mains operated and has a detachable base.
No switch, just flip it to turn it on, it has a 13w Daylight energy saving tube, it only weighs 3lbs so great for taking on holiday.
I get very little natural light in my craft area so this lamp is ideal - I get a sharp clean light which is a must for colouring.
 These 2 shots show the tilt of the lamp - so I can point it wherever I need it....

This shot shows how neat it all is when it's closed.
I'll definitely be packing it when we next go on a caravan holiday :)

You can buy the LED MicroMax Light and the Twist portable lamp from The Daylight Company along with any of their huge range of specialist lighting. 


CraftyLoops said...

Ohhhh brilliant review Debbi and I really love the look of the wee Easy-twist one, it looks really useful. And may I say you have a very organised and tidy craft room. At this moment in time, I'd say my room is tidy.....my husband on the other hand, well lets just say he doesnt go in because he hates the mess. So my New Years Resolution (Yeah...right!) is to get my room perfectly organised so I can show it and take photos of my projects without fear of the mess showing in the background! Thanks for doing this review, it was very informative. Lee x

Christine L said...

Fab review Debby.... looks a good light. I have an OttLite and wouldn't be without it now.

Also loved to have a little look at your craft room.... and LOVE your promarker storage system! Did you buy it or have it made? I'm so struggling to find anything at the moment.... I really NEED one! LOL
Christine x

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Great review! Thanks so much!

Teresa said...

Hi Debbi,
Great review of the lamps, I have one but I don't think it's as good as either of those.
I too am a nosey one I was looking at your lovely craft space, I confess I'm a neat & tidy person too I can't craft in a mess, I love all your little storage ideas. Thanks for visiting my blog today, hugs Teresa xx

Kat said...

Thanks for a great review Debbi. Really interesting and handy to see what you can do with them. Good to have a review from someone you know will tell the absolute truth. I had a rubbish light that wouldn't stay anywhere you put it, probably lurking in the garage now!

Kat xx

Paula (PEP) said...

I love the way you have reviewed these highlighting (sorry about the accidental pun) the special features of each. I have a Daylight lamp which I use all the time - it makes a huge difference to my photography for the blog.
Paula (PEP)

Auntie Em said...

I need a new lamp but not sure if I want to go with a smaller table lamp or something larger that will light up my whole desk. I do like the twist one though.
Thanks for the reviews! :)

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