Thursday, 10 September 2009

Happy 10th Birthday Scott

My eldest, Scott turned 10 years old today - I seriously can't believe how things have changed in my life in the last 10 years.
Scott has had a super day,  we had finished decorating his room yesterday but wouldn't let him see it til this morning as part of his birthday. And he was over the moon, he loves it...
How cool is that bed??

He got everything he had asked for, for his birthday so he was chuffed to bits. And after school my mum and dad came round for a birthday tea, and so did Pamela and Emma.
Emma was just a blur...  
 And poor Faith was a little tired and emotional (that's the best pic of me I've seen in ages lol)
A quick happy 10th birthday to Daniel, my PfP teamie Caryn's son. 


Gina said...

Happy Birthday Scott, great pics Deb :)
Hugs Gina xxx

Natalie said...

It looks like Scott had a great birthday and what a great bedroom. x

Caryn said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOTT!! How wierd that both our eldests (and both boys) turned 10 on the same day! Bizarre. We had an earlier than usual wake up with him saying in my ear "mum, do you know it's my birthday now?" Boys!

Caryn xxx

Max said...

Belated Happy Birthday to Scott ... what a lucky lad he is.
Fabulous new room he now has and that bed is awesome. Naomi has the same one and loves it, especially the wardrobe section at the end which houses all her boxed games and nick nacks that she likes to have easy access to but doesn't want cluttering her shelves. Wonder how long it'll stay so tidy?


Kath said...

happy birthday scott and all those gorgeous your new room...and you have just given me an idea for the cubbyhole....yes a crafty bed.....hugs kath xxxxx

Lora said...

Happy Birthday yesterday to Scott!
It was my Daughter Rhianna's birthday yesterday too!
I just got that bed for my son lol, (well have paid for it and he is getting it tomorrow). Someone at the kids school is moving abroad and just bought 2 of these beds 2 months ago but can't take them so is selling them for £50 each!! I am thinking about getting one for Rhianna too becuase it's so cheap, especially compared to how much they really cost, eh?
Hugs Lora x

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