Thursday, 10 September 2009

Promarker Pandemonium

Well ladies (and gents if there are any) guess what I got today...... give up? THE 56 BRAND NEW COLOUR PROMARKERS!!!!! I have been so excited waiting for these. We managed to negotiate a fantastic deal with Simon at Letraset for the DT of Passion for Promarkers, and part of that deal was to get them before they were shipped out to the stores. This way we can showcase them and help spread the word.
So, until I have suitable storage sorted out (watch this space, I have a cunning plan! ) they have been unceremoniously dumped in this box...

 So today I have been very industrious, in between the birthday celebrations. I'm in the middle of devising a space-saving storage solution for the promarkers, AND I've been busy with the tutorial for tomorrow's weekend workshop over at PfP, AND I've sorted out this blank colour chart that includes the new colours, its blank so that you can use the card you normally use with your pm's to print it out, then colour it in yourself to get a true representation of the colours. If you want a copy just email Gina and she'll send it out to you in PDF format.

 And I'm allowed to share some fantabulously exciting news with you. To celebrate the launch of the 56 new colours, Passion for Promarkers are holding a prize blog-hop. I'm not allowed to tell you what the prize is, but it is amazing, you will HAVE to have it. The design team are all going to be busy beavering away with the new colours to show them off to you on Sunday, so keep your eyes peeled and join us this Sunday 13th September.


Gina said...

Poor proMarkers, how dare you throw them into the box without due care and attention LOL aint they just the sweetest things you ever did see :)
Enjoy them Deb
Hugs Gina xxx

Natalie said...

Great chart Debbi, the new colours are gorgeous arent they. x

Kath said...

i bet you're in seventh heaven and all those yummy colours...can't wait to see what you come up with for storage.....hugs kath xxxxx

Judy's Crafty Moments said...

oh you lucky duck!!! What fabulous new stash!!! Can't wait to see what you come up with! hugs Judy xx

Annie said...

wow! you lucky girl! I'd be very interested in getting that chart, does it include the new colours? At the moment I'm just making a list of which ones seem to go together, but this would give me an instant colour guide.
hugs, annie x

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