Thursday, 3 September 2009


Where, in the name of the wee man, is all this water coming from??? surely the oceans have run dry!

Rain rain go away, come again another day.

I have had so much excitement today that I'm just knackered now. First I popped over to my famous crafty chum, Kath's place this morning and met the very handsome Buddy the hooligan - he's not really a hooligan, but he was very determined to try and sit on my knee lol And I got the tour of the new improved cubby hole - wow!! I think I'll have to throw out some of my kids soon, I want one just the same. And as always its great to catch up with all the gossip with Kath, as we say up here, she's a rare quine.

And this afternoon there was more excitement, after the kids all came out of school I drove us all up to Mintlaw, which took 80 minutes in the pouring rain. And went to see this thingy I mentioned yesterday. I'm still not telling you what it is, I'll just have to keep you in suspenders. But I was over the moon with it and have put down a deposit and will be back on the 19th to pay for it and take it home.

So now, I so need to go veg. I have actually made a few cards that I planned to share with you tonight but I don't even have the energy to photoshop the watermark.


Kath said...

Buddy and I so enjoyed your visit...please come again soon and I think I know the little surprise...but I ain't telling either.....big hugs kath xxxxx

Caryn said...

Oh Debbi - what is it, what is it? Is it furry? Do you drive in it? I can't stand the suspense!!

Caryn xxxx

FionaJ said...

Oh you tease!!
I', guessing its small and furry and either barks or meows.

Can't wait for you to share your news with us.

Mrs Weyremaster said...

I think your getting a puppy, i wonder what sort? I've always wanted a little westie, but just not practical with us living in a flat, really would need a garden.

Glad you hear you had a great time with Kath, nice to meet up for a gossip with a good friend :)

Have a great day

Manda said...

No FAIR I wont be here when the reveal is made and Debs still wont tell me!

I even phoned and begged!

Manda xxx

Kay said...

'In the name of the wee man!!" You are making me homesick!! No-one says that here for some odd reason.

I didn't know you knew Kath. I follow her blog too but I didn't know you all were buddies IRL. Cool!

Kat said...

Hi Debbi, is it a dog? First thing we did when we got married was get a dog and we've had one of some kind or another ever since. Got 2 now but one pretty old. Lots of my son's baby photos include a muckle great Alsatian!!

Kat x

Judy's Crafty Moments said...

oh i think the general gist is that you are getting a dog..must be all that free time you have now!!!

Glad you had a fun visit with Kath!
Hugs Judy x

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