Sunday, 8 November 2009

Pepsi Day - 14 and a half weeks

It's Sunday again, so its time for another Princess Pepsi update. I took Pepsi on her first trip to Pets at Home last Monday, and lets just say she's not very keen yet. I don't suppose the place seemed very welcoming to her when the first thing she saw was a Bull Mastiff puppy - it was 5 months old and let me tell you, I've seen smaller shetland ponies!! This thing was huge and its owner told me she will grow to double that size when she is fully grown. So I ended up doing what I swore I would never do... carried Pepsi.But the up side to that for pepsi anyway, was that she got plenty of attention from the humans in the shop.
So we got a new bed for the princess, seeing as she has outgrown her puppy bed...

Think it might be a while before she outgrows this one!


Rufus said...

She so sweet, but she almost blends into her bed! Can't blame her, I'd be a little wary of a bull mastiff myself!

Kath said...

oh this is so cute and love your new bed Pepsi....Buddy has one exactly the same...but he doesn't fit in it anymore and has taken over mine...big hugs kath xxxxxx

Lil Daffodil said...

Hi debbi,
She looks so sweet. Obviously loves the bed and finds it so comfy.
Fiona x

Meahni said...

Look at her sleeping like there isn't a worry in the world, not that there is for her!

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