Sunday, 15 November 2009

Pepsi Day - 15 and a half weeks

Well we have discovered (the hard way) that Friday the 13th isn't a good day for Pepsi.
Now I'm not particularly superstitious, BUT I really dislike when the 13th of the month falls on a Friday, I avoid making appointments, I try not to go anywhere other than absolutely necessary.
So, both the girls have really bad sore throats just now, Willow has been off school since the middle of the week, and I decided to just keep Faith at home on Friday too.
Faith is a bit of a wahoo for closing the living room door - usually so I can't see what she's up to. And this morning was no exception - the only problem was, Pepsi was trying to leave the room at the time!
Yup, you've guessed it... Pepsi's tail got caught in the door. So she started yelping, I picked her up and gave her cuddles, but she kept wagging her tail - every time it wagged, she yelped.
Then Willow noticed her tail was bleeding, so I had to phone the vet and get her an appointment.
So we went to the vet, she couldn't see her tail very well and had to shave it to see better. But when she did she realised that it was a just a tiny cut about half an inch from the tip, and it was bruised but not broken. She told me that as long as Pepsi doesn't lick it too much, it should heal fine.
That was the trauma and drama over with - or so we thought!
When I paid for the consultation I mentioned to the receptionist that we'd be back next week for another appointment, and the vet overheard me and said she's be quite happy to check Pepsi's heart murmur and do the microchip there and then and save us coming back next week.
She checked Pepsi's heart and agreed that the murmur was hardly detectable now, and she'll check it again when Pepsi is about 6 months old.
Then she got her microchip. she was very good while the vet inserted it. BUT it failed and didn't go in properly, it was still sticking out of her skin. So the vet had to pull it out and do another one. So that was poor Pepsi bleeding again.
Pepsi is very forgiving though and wanted to give the vet and receptionist a cuddle before we left. 


Kath said...

sounds as though you had quite a the video....OMG...who brought this mad dog into the house...but kitty doesn't seem too bothered....and Pepsi just wants to play....hugs kath xxxxx

Gina said...

LOL fab video Deb, I just love that the cat was not bothered at all, had to turn the sound down as Ellie was not impressed at being woken by pepsi :)

Hugs Gina xxx

Carmen said...

Oh I love that expression cats get. It's the waiting, waiting, waiting... ATTAAAAACK! Doggie better watch out :D

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