Monday, 2 November 2009

Webbed Feet

 that's what I've grown - a pair of webbed feet!
I have never seen the River Dee so swollen in all my life, I've never heard of people of Stonehaven and Huntly having to be rescued from their homes due to flooding.

Lets hope the rain takes a break for a wee while and people get back into their homes soon


~ Ali ~ said...

Stay safe Debbi!!

Lora said...

My in laws live in Stonehaven and my sister in law had to be evacuated from her flat in the High Street down by the harbour last night, the firemen came and took them down the street in a boat!! They are still not allowed back home yet and they live in the top floor. Her boyfriends car is a total write off as it's full of water up to the windows!! It's blooming madness. I'm just glad I don't still live in Stonehaven lol
Lora x

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