Saturday, 4 July 2009

Oh I'm soooooooooooo glad to be home!

It's so good to be back in our own house, and I'm so looking forward to going to my own bed tonight!

I love being on holiday, but when it comes to an end I just want to be home - beam me up Scotty! I hate travelling, and today we spent 7 and a half hours in the car. The weather was good, but a bit on the cosy side in the car for most of the journey, with the temperature being in the mid 20's - apart from between Hamilton and Stirling, when the temperature dropped by 10 degrees to 16C and it was peeing down with rain.

I have already waded through my 743 emails, weeding out all the stuff I don't need to read - still need to check the 215 messages in my junk mail in case something slipped through the net. 

I also need to get all the photo's off Graham's laptop so I can get some of them uploaded to show you.

Well, that's it for today - hope you missed me as much as I missed all of you


clare said...

Hi HUn..its great to have you glad to hear you all had a lovely hoilday..cant wait to see your hols pic's. TFFN hugs clare xx

p.s good luck with reading you are a popular

craftypagan said...

I'm glad you're back! Enjoyed reading your holiday updates-when we stayed at Whitby the other week we went to the sea life in scarborough too! I've missed seeing your beautiful creations and colouring! Love Ro

Kath said...

and it's great to have you back...sounds like you had a great holiday...can't wait to see the pics.....Hugs Kath xxxx

dawnmarieg said...

Welcome home honey!!xx

Anne said...

Welcome home :)

Mar G said...

Welcome home wee bud....Missed you! x

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