Saturday, 11 July 2009

Still Nowt to show you

So I thought I'd share some more holiday pics with you, here's my little streaker, Faith...

On the Wednesday we took a wee trip to Scarborough, and visited the SeaLife Centre, where we saw these fantastic jellyfish - Patrick and Spongebob would have a great time jellyfishin' here!

we also say Mr Ray from Finding Nemo

and we even found Nemo himself...

and these fantastically cute penguins, although they're a bit whiffy

On the Thursday, which was the hottest day of the year (it was 31 degrees C) we had another wander round parts of the zoo we hadn't seen earlier, and found the white rhinos

I just had a mucky thought about rhino horn being an aphrodisiac, but I won't go there!!

The giraffe's I find truly amazing, aren't they so majestic looking?

These hippos had the right idea and wouldn't budge from their pool

and the kids were all amazed when I told them that they were delivered by this stork (haha)

will be back with more pics tomorrow, then I promise I'll get back to the grind on Monday (fingers crossed)


Kath said...

love all your holiday piccies...especially little miss sneaker.....and I love giraffes too....they are so graceful...Big Hugs Kath xxxxx

Anne said...

Lovely holiday piccies, glad you enjoyed yourselves :)

Kellylouj said...

Some fabulous piccies there xx

dawnmarieg said...

These are lovely Debbi, you look as if you all had a wonderful time, and the weather was good which always makes it better. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

Saskia said...

Thanks for sharing this lovely photo's!

Saskia :)

Gina said...

more great pics, and a streaker to boot too, does she take after her mum lol :)
Gina xxx

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