Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Wednesday 1st July 2009

Back again!!
its taken me about 20 minutes to get logged onto blogger and get the page loaded, so this will just be a quick catch up.
Yesterday I was fit enough to venture back onto the park again, doped up to the eyeballs on Co-Dydramol right enough. The kids ran themselves ragged in the soft play centre which is done out like a pirate ship. Willow's getting a lot braver with the rides and went on quite a few of the kids rides. Faith though is a complete wuss and they had to stop a couple of rides to let her off as she freaked out as soon as they started moving. Scott went on one of the big rides with Graham, called flip flop. Its a huge wheel that swings like a pendulum and even Graham admitted to screaming like a little girl on it.
Today we had a wee trip to Scarborough just for a change, we visited the Sea Life centre and had a quick run down the North Bay. And they have real donkey's on the beach!! The beach was absolutely packed.
Believe it or not, I haven't been near a craft shop.... yet! I was actually all organised before we left, I had stamped up a whole load of images onto the new SU whisper white card, and had the crafty tote I won in Gayle's blog candy packed up with my promarkers and prisma pencils. Unfortunately though, last Friday was a bit manic and Graham packed the car while I was at a presentation at Scott's school - he'd picked up the tote with the pens and pencils, but hadn't realised he had to pack the folder with the stamped images too. So I have my pens and pencils, but nothing to use them on - argh!!
Anyway, once we were finished in Scarborough, we had a wee run to Pickering, which is a lovely little town a couple of miles from Flamingo Land.
It reached 30 degrees here today and the caravan was like an oven when we got back - in fact its still incredibly warm at 10 to 10 at night. I must have lost about half a stone in sweat over the last couple of days, and I hear its going to get warmer still. Am not complaining though, am loving the sun .
Right, am off now to do a search online for craft shops in the area lol


Max said...

Sounds like you're having a super time ... just a shame you're having to pop pills for the pain.

Hope you can manage to sneak a visit to a local craft shop if only to get some card and a wee stamp to play with ... or maybe 2 LOL!

Enjoy the sunshine but don't overdo things or you'll need a rest when you get back home.


Manda said...

LMAO at the no stamped images! After you being so organised too! Glad to hear you are having such a good time!!!

Speak soon

Manda xxx

scotspanda said...

glad to hear you're having a fabby time hun. how like a man to leave the stamped images behind lol......get yourself to a craft shop sharpish hun and get a few stamps and an ink pad lol

enjoy the rest of your time away :o)


Amanda xx

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