Wednesday, 18 February 2009


I have been tagged by the lovely Lainy for this Friendship Award. Thankyou so much Lainy, I feel very honoured.
I am nominating the following people because they are a constant source of inspiration for me and they never hesitate to encourage me, and answer even my most stupid questions:
and Tina
and to my 2 friends that I helped introduce to the world of papercrafting and just because I love them:
and Manda
Please accept this award and choose 5 of your friends to award it to.
Thankyou all for being a friend - or fiend in some cases lol


Kath said...

thanks Debz for the award and hey you ask away Mrs....nothing is too much trouble for the old fountain of useless info.
Hugs Kath xxxx

Mar G said...

Aw thanks wee bud....You are awfi kind! :-)
Ps - Hope the fiend is a reference to Manda for the horrible card wind up?! Lol x

Macpurp said...

thank you muchly!! XXX
you never ask stupid questions!!!
will pass this on!
hugs Tina x

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