Monday, 23 February 2009

Nowt done today

well there was no baking in this hoose today unfortunately - Monday is a bit of a nightmare...

  1. take Scott to school
  2. come home
  3. take Faith to 2's group
  4. come home
  5. pick up Faith
  6. come home
  7. make lunch
  8. take Willow to nursery
  9. come home
  10. pick up Willow and Scott
  11. drop Scott at lego club
  12. come home
  13. make tea (well G went in for a BK for him and the kids)
  14. get everyone organised before lady comes in to help with Willow's bowel washout
  15. Willow's bowel washout
  16. get hot chocolate for kids and get all ready for bed
  17. settle kids (can take a few hours)
  18. watch Heroes on BBC2
  19. shout at kids for putting the telly back on
  20. watch next episode of Heroes on BBC3

So it was all go today, but I took half an hour out this afternoon to make a start on the tag for the Tag You're It challenge. Not sure when I'll get it finished but hopefully before the challenge ends lol

G's away offshore tomorrow morning so prepare yourself for the inevitable nervous breakdown sometime over the next fortnight :{


Macpurp said...

deep breath in ......exhale.....and...
oh who am I kidding Best of luck to you my dear!!!!

hope the washouts are going easier for Willow.
love teen xx

Mar G said...

Awfi busy then? Lol
I've had a day like that too ;-)

scotspanda said...

omg what a day!! do you get a chance to eat or drink or pee or anything? lol

bet the rest of the week feels like a holiday after that lol


Amanda xxx

Manda said...

I felt worn out after reading that!
Hope your day is a tad less hectic today!
Still not read any more of new moon went to bed and fell straight asleep last night lol
Will TRY again tonight xx

dawnmarieg said...

I'm tired just reading your post! Hope you get a chance to have some 'you time' soon.x

Shary said...

Great isn't it when there is not enough hours in the day!!!! I have four kids and my DH is a squaddie so away quite a bit. How we don't break down I'll never know!

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