Thursday, 19 February 2009

Woohoooooo new things

At last!! the Whiff of Joy Spring stamp set arrived - and dopey-lugs here forgot she had run out of U-mount, EZMount etc, so I thought I'd take a wee trip over to the Papeterie, but no they didn't have any argh!!

Now I can either leave the sheet of rubber stamps intact and wait for my order to come from Silly Monkey Crafts (as it'll be much easier to cut it all out in a one-er) OR I can cut them all out now and just use a glue stick to stick them to acrylic blocks to use RIGHT NOW!! what would you do?

So, while I was at the Papeterie I picked up some bits and bobs to play with - and Mar is gonna love this.... they have loads of the Smirk range from Trimcraft (which I can't stand) and I actually picked up a couple of their ribbon reels. Yeah yeah, my excuse is they are not printed and therefore it doesn't matter a damn to me what the packaging says on it :)

The Papeterie is now stocking Bo Bunny stuff so I'll have to have another trip over there - mucho yumminess including the Stuck on you tins.

Think I'll have an early night tonight - Graham is not feeling too well and I'm not feeling particularly energetic either.


Dawn said...

Yes the bo bunny ribbons are gorgeous, I managed to resist.
We get a 10% discount on everything on crop day.
THe MME Laundry was lovely too, we split a pack between the 3 of us at the crop.

I have heaps of ezimount, it does give a much crisper image than just the acrylic block.

Mar G said...

Oh you wee spendthrift you....Have you fell through the roof of a bank? ;-) Pmsl
Now....I'm not that much a fan of the Smirk range!
Guessing you'll be back at the Papeterie soon for more BB stash?
Have patience & wait on your EZMount arriving, in case you damage your new stamps!
Or....theres Dawn saying she has heaps, maybe she could lend you some?!
NO energy.....Tell me about it!

Clair and Sharni said...

Thank you for visiting & leaving a comment on our blog! - Glad i've found yours...looking forward to seeing some of your creations xxx

scotspanda said...

ooooh use the new stamps!! how could you wait?? have fun :o)


Amanda xx

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