Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Some pics at last...

Here, as promised, are pics of my craft space after I tidied it up - yes this IS tidy lol. My craft space takes up one wall of my and Graham's bedroom, Graham likes to tell everyone we have a craft room with a bed in it but that's just not true. So, this first pic shows a deep bookcase from Argos filled with a load of Craft-Tonic (Do-crafts) purple storage boxes in various sizes. They house my ribbons (the ones that aren't on reels), flowers, misc embellishments, shape cutters, 8x8" papers etc. The stripy box holds my cuttlebug and all its dies, embossing folders, cutting plates etc. Above that is an old shelf unit turned upside down and plonked (that's the technical term) on top of the bookcase, and that holds all my bigger punches, button and bead jars and my sticker container.

All the wires and cables are for the telly that Graham decided to hang on the wall above MY craft space, he has some gubbins (another technical term) for relaying the signal from the Sky box in the kids room to our telly.

Next is a view of my desk, which is actually the dressing table Graham bought me when we moved here 6 years ago. Graham put a shelf above it for me and I have cobbled together a makeshift ribbon storage - I just tied a bit of cord between the brackets and threaded on the ribbon reels (If you didn't already know, one of my personal motto's is Adapt and Overcome ). The shelf is usually a complete disaster area as that's where everything seems to end up, but now that its tidy it's home to my wee brad towers, glitter flocks, glamour dust, glossy accents, stazon/versafine/memento ink pads, pearl pens, promarkers, and all my other pens/pencils/markers and tools. The desk/dressing table has 2 pedestals each with 3 drawers. The one on the left stores all my card blanks and the one on the right is home to glues/adhesives/tapes (top drawer), ink pads and embossing powders (middle drawer) and stuff for my holiday scrapbook album (bottom drawer).

And finally I have another Argos deep bookcase on the other side. On top of this I keep my magazine files, the wee drawer unit with stamps/acrylic blocks, my digital radio and lamp. I nipped out tonight and treated myself to a brand new lamp and craft-lite bulbs so that's obviously not in the photo. Underneath that are all my other bits and bobs, peel-offs and scrapbooks. And right at the very bottom is my box of xmas crafting stuff.

So there you go - that was your virtual tour of my craft space, and amazingly its still reasonably tidy :)

So, what else has been going on today? well, Graham decided to replace the carpet in Faith's room with laminate flooring - well the decision was made for him really, after the blue-emulsion-meets-Faith incident! I took the girls round to Pamela's for a couple of hours, then down to Matalan for hair accessory shopping (!?!) while he got on with it in peace. And can I just say he has made a cracking job, am really proud of him....

Faith says she loves her "new room" and we're not allowed in.......


Beckie Dreyer said...

That is tidy!
Hey do you hire him out to do floors!! LOL! I need my hall done!

Manda said...

Wow looking good!

I have done no cards since Monday lol

Waiting on my delivery of goods. Fingers crossed it comes today!

Mar G said...

Woohoo tidy & organised craft space.....BUT for how long? Lol
Aw I noticed you've got the pic of Manda, Me & You on your pin board! (NICE) :-)
Fayfee's room is looking braw, Graham has made a F-I-N-E job of the floor ;-)
Oh & the cheek is looking right out of Fayfee, espec in the pic where she's blocking the door! Lol

Rach said...

fabby pictures.
love how you store your ribbon.. great idea.. i was going to buy some guttering to house mine..mmm may change my mind..
Graham has done a brilliant job on the floor. thanks for sharing.xx

FionaJ said...

Loving her new room. so organised, want to come and organise mine and the boys.

I had a stock of eazi mount ready and waiting, just ordered another couple of sheets to ensure I have enough for the girls when they arrive hopefully next week.

dawnmarieg said...

Hi, your craft space looks fab, great idea on the ribbons, never thought of that, I've got mine all stuffed in boxes! Your hubby has done a fab job on the flooring, it looks great and I laughed at the wee one blocking the door lol.x

Dawn said...

I spot your ikea jars.
Mine is still untidy, think I have too many 12x12 papers, 20 cropper hopper uprights now filled & various artbins.

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