Wednesday, 11 February 2009

I'd like you all to do me a wee favour...

Pop on over to Kirsty Wiseman's blog and have a lookie at 2 things for me please.

Firstly Kirsty is asking  "I would like to extend to some of you readers an invitation to make blank greetings cards to send to our own soldiers so that they can send them on to their loved ones. The soldiers out there have no access to shops to buy such things and if you get a moment or two - would you be able to send me some blank birthday and "love you" cards plus any suitable greetings so that they can be dispersed amongst those lonely hearted soldiers to forward on to there loved ones?" you can find all the details here, (the info is right at the end of that post) just leave a comment and Kirsty will be in touch.

And secondly Kirsty has released her very own papercrafting CD. "On the CD you will find almost 190 print outs with collection packs of papers streamlined in beautiful cardy colours with printable templates, tags, motifs (like stamped images, to colour in) and greetings." You'll find all the details here.

So, back to me and my day - not very exciting again, more snow - what a surprise. Our pics of Mr and Mrs S on the garden bench were in tonights Evening Express (local evening paper). I was at the 3 month follow-up meeting for the Earlybird Plus course I was on the tail end of last year. It was lovely to see some of the other parents again and of course Penny and Susan who run the courses. Susan has put some info about ESP in their newsletter, so hopefully we'll get an influx of parents from the earlybird and earlybird plus courses.

Right, am off to have some beans on toast - yes of course, with cheese!! :)


Kath said...

HI Debbi
About your problem with Staz On...I use Versafine Ink all the time's permanent and great if you are going to be watercolouring....and really gives you nice crisp images....I don't think it's anything to do with the cardstock you are using.
Give it a try
Hugs Kath xxxxx

Emma said...

Thank you so much for the birthday wish.
Hugs Emma x

Mar G said...

I'll have a look at Kirsty's blog later, great idea to send cards to the soldiers!
Brill that Mr & Mrs S are in the paper :-)
Oh you've had a busy wee day!
Catch up later - Mar x

Macpurp said...

will go have a look at Kirsty's blog!
great idea to send cards to teh boys and girls serving our country.
So your MR & Mrs S are in teh loacl paper...not for bad behaviour I hope!!!

now....beans on toast. one of my fave all time foods.....but not cheese!!! EWwwwwwwwwwww!

love tina x

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