Wednesday, 25 February 2009

I survived!!

phew!! I made it out alive!

well, as always, the thought of a roomful of 2 year olds is actually worse than the reality. My heart did sink though, when I noticed that snack for today was tomato soup and bread (I had visions of me wearing most of it, and looking like something from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre), but someone was looking down on me as they decided to swap the snack round with tomorrow as there wasn't enough soup for all the classes - yay, so it was yoghurts for our lot instead.

I don't mind doing duty on a Wednesday as there's only 7 kids (8 today including Willow and Faith) and none of them are really wild. And I managed to have 2 cups of tea lol

So all in all it wasn't a bad morning really.

Have come home to quite a few parcels, stocked up on some Concord card and printer card from Caboodle; my Stamps order arrived which consisted of paper storage and ribbons mostly - aren't those Anita's ribbons a bargain at the moment??

I also received a gorgeous wee folder from Meahni containing masses of stamped images - thankyou so much Meahni, I can't wait to get started making with all of those (do you think Mar would notice if I didn't share them? haha)


Manda said...

Lol sounds like you had fun.
Think Mar might just notice if she dont get some of those lovely stamp images! You should have only taken a photo of half of them!!!! lol

Meahni said...

Hey, I'm so glad to see they arrived. What relief! I sure hope they're okay and that you can use them for something at some point. I look forward to see your creations that I can get ideas from :-)

Macpurp said...

am glad you survived! sounds too scary for me!

love tina x

Mar G said...

Oh I missed this pic of the folder & images Meahni sent you! (Too drugged & slow these days) Its really cute & the images look fab.....Isn't it great sending & receiving images from South Africa? ;-)
Lol at cheeky Manda's comments!

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