Friday, 27 February 2009

Keep your fingers crossed

Willow has a birthday party to go to on Sunday, one of her little friends will be 4 and I want to keep up with making cards for all the kids' wee friends (just so none of the mums feels left out really lol). So.. I have printed off some of my Libby and Lily images from Grab-a-Doodle in the hope that I'll get some time to make a card for wee Hana. Willow has another party in a fortnight's time - I tell you these kids have a much better social life than I do. My best friend Pamela only lives a couple of streets away and I'm lucky if I see her once a week (mind you I do talk to her twice a day on the phone haha). 

So wish me luck that I get time to do this card

1 comment:

Mar G said...

Good Luck ;-) Grab-a-Doodle images are great espec when you use the pre-coloured ones for quickness!
I need to update my blog later, I'm a week behind just now! (Lol) x

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