Sunday, 8 February 2009

I've been randomly tagged

I've been tagged by my wonderful buddy Mar.
With this tag I've to list 20 random facts about myself & then pass it on to 5 others!
OK here goes..........

1 - I joined the RAF when I was 17 
2 - I would rather not go to something at all than be late.
3 - Apparently I talk in my sleep
4 - I need to keep my brain occupied - I even get bored sitting on the loo.
5 - I have lived in Spain
6 - I'm not good at telling lies - I can't keep a straight face
7 - I'm enjoying finding old school buddies on facebook
8 - I switch on my laptop before I've switched the kettle on in the morning 
9 - I'm petrified of the Dentist.
10 - I love my children very much - but I could quite merrily throw them out a window at times 
11 - I am really pernickity (Graham calls it pedantic) about spelling and grammar.
12 - I want to learn how to use Photoshop properly
13 - I am a closet snob
14 - All 3 of my children were born prematurely 
15 - I would love to have a go at rally driving
16 - I would rather do anything than housework.
17 - I've met David Wilkie and Princess Anne and the MacDonald Brothers 
18 - I don't care much for alcohol 
19 - I can say I love you in Swedish lol
20 - I LOVE  Galaxy or Lindt chocolate! 

Now I'm going to tag - Manda....Tina....Lainy.....Beckie & Meahni - Looking forward to reading 20 random facts about you all!


Lainy's Little Blog said...

I don't know that I can think of 20 facts about me!!! Will need to have a wee think before I post this one! Lol Hope you are having a good weekend. Hugs, Lainy xxx

Mar G said...

Jag älskar dig! Lol

Meahni said...

Okay, I have accepted your tag, and have posted 20 facts about myself. I will probably think of 20 others now that I'm done, but it was hard work at the time.


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