Friday, 13 February 2009


according to the temperature gauge in our car, its a scorchio 14.5 degrees C lol

however, the snow's not melting as fast as I would've thought for that kind of temperature so its probably wrong. and the fact the weather on the radio said the max temp for today would be 3 degrees :)

I've been off into Makro to get a couple of chests of drawers. We bought a cheap "solid pine" set for Faith and Scott and both turned out to be crap. Makro stocks the Copenhagen range which matches all the other pine furniture we have in the house and its solid stuff. The bases of the drawers are wooden and not that crappy fibre/cardboard rubbish, so there's less chance of the arse falling out of the drawers. We've also found that the nylon runners are far better than metal runners too. So.... Graham's just finished putting together the first set. Supervised by Foreman Faith....

Makro seem to be expanding their art and craft range with quite a good selection of Derwent pencil sets, brushes, and they now have quite a few card-making accessories - worth a lookie if you have a Makro card. I managed to resist though - although I was seriously tempted by the Derwent watercolour and coloursoft tins.

And finally, did you know how much fun you can get out of a cardboard box?????


Mar G said...

Oh you've been busy this morning?!
Bet the drawers will look great in the kids's rooms ;-)
Lol at 'Foreman Faith' & her cheeky wee face peeking out the box!
Did Graham utter any sweary words building those drawers? Lol x

Love to Doodle! said...

Ahhh - super cute - you have such beautiful children! Havent checked out Makro - must do that! xx

dawnmarieg said...

Hi, love the pics, so cute, Kids just love a cardboard box eh! Hope your drawers are up and running lol.x

Macpurp said...

Awwwwwwwww! look at Faith!!!
why do kids love cardboard boxes so much?


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