Sunday, 22 February 2009

Willow and I have been baking.....

ok we cheated!! Asda have some great wee bake at home kits which are just ideal for baking with wee ones.

So first we made fairy cakes...

then we made gingerbread men...

although one of them turned out visually challenged (please don't take offence, none is intended) and another one appears to have been involved in some horrific industrial incident.

So I'm in domestic goddess mode at the moment - don't be scared, these brain-farts I take now and again don't last very long haha - and have got all the ingredients in to make banana choc chip muffins, butterscotch spice muffins and individual carrot cakes, so I'll get to them later (NB this is deliberately non-specific, later doesn't necessarily mean today)


Macpurp said...

OMG! that poor wee gingerbread person!!!! he will never get a part in the next shrek film!!!

hope you & WIllow had a lovely time xxx

Lainy's Little Blog said...

These look delish, my mouth is watering. I bet the visually challenged one will taste the best!

Mar G said...

Ooo VERY Nigella, have you been getting tips from Manda? (Lol)
Well Done, bet Willow enjoyed herself?
Fairy cakes look yummy & hmmmm the gingerbread men I'm not sure of!
Laughing here at the 1 thats been in the horrific industrial accident ;-) Lmao
Forgot to tell you we bought popcorn kernels & made it in a pot last night....Bit scary it jumping about against the pot lid! I kept thinking cheap facial dermabrasion?! Lol

dawnmarieg said...

God I laughed out loud at the poor gingerbread victims!! however they do look yummy, would go really nice with a cuppa. Sounds like you had fun.x

Mar G said...

Yoohoo - Wee giftie for you on my blog! ;-) x

Rach said...

wow look at you!!
lol at your poor ginger bread men. especially the one that has been involved in the horrific industrial incident...rofl..

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