Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Its arrived....

the snow! - woke up this morning in a winter wonderland, so promptly went back to bed and let Graham do the school run. Our car is absolutely useless in snow, but I'm used to driving in this kind of weather so it doesn't really bother me - what does bother me is the other numpties on the road who can't leave their brake pedals alone.

The snow is starting to soften a bit at the moment but the sky is full of snow and it looks like we're in for more tonight woohoo.

Well, not much else to report today really - got the Feb issue of Cardmaking and Papercraft with my tesco grocery shopping delivery this morning and I really like the free stamps on the cover. I'm not normally impressed with a lot of cover gifts in craft magazines but I really like these.  They're designed by Dulcie Jackson. 

1 comment:

Mar G said...

Lovely snowy pic....So glad you are now as cold as the rest of us! (Lol)
Its snowing here again too - Yippee :-) x

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